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Booking is Easy!

Get Me Some Green provides what you need to feel amazing and booking is simple! Click the green button below and choose 'Unmanned Services" for any of our self actuated options or select "Practitioner Assisted Services" for all of our scans, biofeedback or ear coning. 

Unmanned Services

These services are services you can enjoy on your own and include Migun Massage Therapy, PEMF therapy and Chromotherapy in our light sauna as well as other handheld light treatments. The minimum booking time is 15 minutes and our Green Room can be booked in further 15 minute increments. 

Click here to learn more about each of our services that you can enjoy on your own.

Practitioner Assisted Services

​These services include anything that must be administered by a trained practitioner. These include biofeedback, all of our wellness scans and ear coning. Bear in mind when booking, these services require time for interpreting your results and therefore actual appointment time may not be reflected by booking time. There is also a 48 hour waiting period between wellness scans and follow-ups. 

Click here to learn more about these services guided by our practitioners.

Click here for pricing and scan packages

Bring the Green to You!

Interested in providing our services for your own clients? Click here to find out how!

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